Wounded Warriors

Bob is a long-time supporter of veterans. He is now an active participant in the Wounded Warrior Project, which works to support injured service members and their families. Military-provided flights are not always convenient or hassle-free. When wounded vets need to fly to visit family or receive special medical assistance, Bob volunteers to transport them if conventional military transport isn’t handy. Likewise, at times, Bob flies the families of wounded vets to be with their loved ones.

“I am proud to be a veteran,” Bob says. While his career in the military ended more than three decades ago, his service never has.

Search and Rescue

When Bob Lotter first contemplated volunteering for the U.S. Army, he tested to become a military pilot. As it turned out, his service with the high-security U.S. Nuclear program kept Bob’s feet planted on terra firma.

But intrepid student and adventurer that Bob is, in his post-Army career Bob took it upon himself to learn to pilot private jets and helicopters, now among his many passions.

Bob is often aloft. Consistent with his nature, he uses his flight skills to benefit the public.

Horse and Dog Rescue

Although Bob’s primary residence is in Orange County, CA, he regularly pilots to Bend, OR, where he purchased and operates a 300-acre horse rescue ranch. Bob has been saving and placing horses with loving families for almost a decade.

More recently, Bob has begun transporting dogs that otherwise would likely be put down from urban areas in California to ranches in Oregon, where they run freely and live out their years as beloved members of new families.